The methods of supplying energy & power have never changed more than what we are seeing at this present time.

Where do NCE fit here? If we look at Oil & Gas or Nuclear energy then it's fair to say that a lot of these installations are no longer at the "Coal Face" of Technology. This does not however, insinuate their demise. Indeed they will be here for years to come. The problems they face are with equipment becoming worn or obsolescent, with many manufacturers of the original equipment no longer a viable entity.

NCE already help with both:
A: New replacement Distribution/Motor Control Centres if it's a last resort, or
B: Refurbishment of existing equipment by fitting new backplates & doors c/w e.g. SD or DOL starters.

We are also proud to be associated with the exciting new areas such as Wave Power and Wind Farms having completed;

Whitelee Wind Farm
Kiln Pitt Hill
Clyde Wind Farm
Nielston Wind Farm
Griffin Wind Farm