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Controlling Power,
For Over 30 Years
Proven Industrial land bases system together with Naval and Marine Bespoke Application.
Electrical Solutions
We adapt to your application with custom designs and innovative problem solving. NCE designs are thorough and precise using Radan CAD/CAM drafting software.
Fabrication & Busbars
We can fabricate to all of our customer's needs, be it a "Bespoke Project", or a "Production Run" Operation, and our expert team will do justice to your Prototype Design or Project.
Service Division
With our fully qualified and industry our experienced team are the first choice partners for all aspects of increasing the longevity of Switchgear in an increasingly health and safety focused environment

NCE were formed in 1985 in Glasgow, Scotland, by John Kirkwood, the current Managing Director who still actively participates in running the company on a daily basis. In 2000, we opened our factory in Thailand and from there we service the Australasian & far Eastern markets. 


From Service, Refurbishment, Repair, Upgrade, Test, Commissioning and De-Commissioning. NCE Switchgear has the in depth 30 year plus proven track record in the Marine & Offshore Market Sectors to support your needs.

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The Policy of NCE Switchgear is to provide products and services that fully comply with the specifications agreed with the customer and to continuously monitor and improve customer satisfaction.
Where to find us

79 Beardmore Way

Clydebank Industrial Estate
G81 4HT

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