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NCE are an electrical switchgear manufacturers that offer the complete electrical solution whether it be motor control, instrumentation or distribution.

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With an Aluminium Smelting Plant Expansion Project in the Middle Eastern Asia, NCE control power to create the total of 1.5 million metric tones of Aluminium per year. 

NCE's contribution has made this plant the largest single-site aluminium smelter in the Middle East Region, thus significantly boosting employment opportunities for the local communities and also proving ourselves that NCE have the expertise and drive to deliver a level of service to this degree.

Recent Posts

Marine Application 

NCE have now fully secured a new Marine Project and have been thrown into the deep end (in a good way). With over 25 years of experience, a project like this isn't unfamiliar to us as we have the confidence to deliver.



NCE are an equal opportunity employer and welcome enquiries of employment from individuals. Our business is built on excellent teamwork across all disciplines.

Gauge on Copper Distillery Vat

Scottish Whiskey

The need for increased diagnostics and improved productivity in the food and beverage sector has resulted in the adoption of intelligent switchgear solutions.


Renewable Energy

The methods of supplying energy & power have never changed more than what we are seeing at this present time.



As a Global Operation, we were involved with controlling power in the Aluminium Processing Industry Throughout the Middle East.

Arab International Aluminium Conference
As a Global Operation, we are involved with controlling power in the Aluminium Processing industry throughout the Middle East.
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