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NCE moves to a four day week!

It’s been a big topic over the last couple of months. Company’s moving to four day weeks to increase productivity, increase work-life balance and improve employee’s wellbeing. Many other Scottish, UK and Global businesses have started to trial bringing in a four day week and many countries throughout the world have also started making it the norm, such as Iceland, New Zealand, Spain and Japan.

As NCE is a company that has clients all over the world, we think that it is only fitting that we put our employees first so that our clients get the absolute best from our work force.

At NCE, we have decided to take on the challenge. All of our employees will now work Monday – Thursday 7:00 – 17:00. This will ensure more continuous work in each day and all of employees will enjoy a long weekend, every weekend! As a company, we have taken the time to think about this and have included every employee in the decision to move to a four day week, where they will work slightly longer days to have an extra day off every week.

“With the ever rising costs of living, we think that it is the right move as it will mean that all of our employees won’t need to travel to work on a Friday and will also mean that everyone has a whole 3 days off every week. The need for work-life balance is more prevalent than ever and we recognise the importance of our employee’s well-being. We are excited to see how it works over the coming months and hope that it becomes the new normal” John Kirkwood, Managing Director

Our employees are at the heart of this change and in our consultation with everyone at NCE; a decision was taken to move to a four day week while there is no change in pay and holiday hours for everyone.

We are excited to put it in place and see how it changes the way that NCE works. This change came into affect on 13th June 2022. If you are looking to get in touch with us on a Friday, please email or call 0141 952 1166 to leave a message and we will get in touch

with you as soon as we return on Monday.

Interested in joining us? Find our current vacancies here and work for a company where you get a long weekend, every weekend!



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