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NCE are an electrical switchgear manufacturers that offer the complete electrical solution whether it be motor control, instrumentation or distribution.



As a Global Operation, we are involved with controlling power in the Aluminium Processing industry throughout the Middle East.

Although the amount of power required to run an Aluminium Smelting Plant is on an extensive level, our Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Service Team have worked in close conjunction with our clients in creating a close bond, where we would discuss and develop our ideas.


As Aluminium is the worlds second largest used metal, and with it being lightweight, it's high strength and it's recyclability…it has had such a large impact on all of our daily lives, from cans, pie plates to the aircraft industry, NCE take pride in being a progressive and forward thinking contributor in the processing of such an important metal in today’s modern world.



With our diverse team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Service team, we have a passion to deliver high-quality products that are built to the rigorous but understandable standards of the Marine and Defence Industries.


NCE’S standard service includes us incorporating Maintenance, Custom Design Engineering and Safety all into your application, to assure that it is built fully to meet your requirements and satisfaction.


At NCE, we have a vast range of equipment for Marine Applications including: 

  • Generator Control Panels

  • Distribution Switchboards & Switchgear

  • Shore Power Panels

  • Air Circuit Breaker Replacement

  • Main Bus Bar Replacement & Modifications

  • Drillers Control Consoles

  • Marine Upgrades



The methods of supplying energy & power have never changed more than what we are seeing at this present time.


NCE’s ability to adapt to the demands of the modern world can be proven by our enthusiastic approach to get involved with Energy Industries, from Renewable Energy, Nuclear, and Oil & Gas.


With this attitude, we now can change the future of controlling power, by supplying both Custom Built and Standard Distribution Boards to the worlds leading companies in advancing technology.   

The problems some of our client’s face are with their equipment becoming worn or obsolescent, as with many manufacturers, because of their original equipment is now no longer a viable entity.



One of the many benefits of NCE being situated in Scotland, is we have the Scottish Whiskey Industry at our doorstep, and with the need for increased diagnostics and improved productivity, NCE have formed a close alliance with the Scottish Whisky Industries in the adoption of both Conventional and intelligent Switchgear Solutions.

As a world renown industry, Scottish Whisky accounts for around 20% of all of the United Kingdom’s food and Drink Exports and sells three times more than its competitors, NCE continue to grow and develop Local Businesses by supplying them with Solutions that result in a thriving and an economically beneficial industry in Scotland, that they couldn’t get anywhere else.



With a critical public sector, we are grateful to have, Hospitals fall into this category, where the importance of back-up solutions and up-keep poses a crucial need for Expert Design and Manufacturing of Power Distribution.


NCE take pride in our ability to fulfil your needs, as well our acknowledgement in the sheer priority of ensuring problems are solved and rectified in a timely manner.

Over the years, NCE have installed Vital Low Power Distribution Boards in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (Formally known as the Southern General Hospital) and the Gartnavel Hospital.


We believe that through our attitude and ethics, we are glad to say we power and contribute towards an industry that provides a life saving service.


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