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About NCE

With bases in both Scotland and Thailand, we have worked in close conjunction with our clientele on a Global scale.

NCE was formed in 1985 in Glasgow, Scotland, by John Kirkwood, the current Managing Director who still actively participates in running the company on a daily basis. In 2000, we opened our factory in Thailand and from there we service the Australasian & far Eastern markets. 

Emphasising our continued commitment in development, NCE are proud to announce, in 2014, achieving extra certification in LV arc containment to IEC 61641. In addition to the 440v certification achieved in 2004, we have now achieved certification at 690v in all 7 criteria. Complimenting NCE's continual success as market leaders in the Aluminium & Scottish Whisky industries, we have also secured large naval projects in 2014.



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