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Engineered Solutions

We adapt to your application with custom designs and innovative problem solving. NCE designs are thorough and precise using Radan CAD/CAM drafting software. 

Intelligent MCC

Intelligent MCC

NCE have been involved in the Design and Manufacture of Low Voltage Intelligent Motor Control Centres (MCC) for over 25 years and have extensive experience in meeting Client’s needs. 


With over 25 years of experience, we have supplied solutions to both Local and Global manufactures, such as: 

  • Rockwell Automation

  • Terasaki

  • Siemens

  • ABB


And have a proven solution in industries such as Renewable Energy, Metals Processing and Scottish Whiskey Distilleries.

LV Distribution

Low Voltage Distribution

With all our products, we work with our clients in ways to get around a problem, and due to the modularity and flexibility of our Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Boards and with the diversity of our product range, we have the solution for: 


  • Single Distribution Boards

  • U-Shaped Distribution Boards

  • Restricted Space

  • Planned Maintenance Future

  • Upgrades and Extensions


At NCE, our proven track record shows that we have formed a strong and stable relationship with our clients, and together with our designs and your requirements, its no wonder they return time again to NCE Switchgear.

Arc Fault Containment

Arc Fault Containment

Arc Faults pose a great threat to life and the operation of Low Voltage Switchboards. With bad connections, poorly installed and ageing equipment, this can provoke a hard to detect Arc Flash or Arc Blast.


Resulting in these highly destructive incidents caused by an internal over pressure of stress on the equipment.

NCE have been leaders in this field for a number of years having put their fully Type Tested Assemblies through rigorous testing since 2006, at NCE we have the experience and knowledge in supplying solutions to detect and counter stop the damages to switchboards, buildings and working personnel.

Hopefully you will recognise the danger of Arc Faults, and will think twice when signing off on and recognise the responsibility to protect lives?


Custom Build

Over the years we have catered for various customer requests:

  • Glass viewing doors

  • Overhanging canopies.

  • Design around anexisting location

  • Data Centres

  • Package Sub Stations

  • Metering Solutions

  • Interlocking

  • Control Enclosures

From a custom fit MCB board in a tight space to a U shaped board in a basement, NCE will endeavour to fulfil customer requirements.

Custom Build

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