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Maintenance Contracts
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance Life Extension Agreement

  • Preventative Risk Mitigation and Reduction Plant Down Time

  • Site Deliverable's 

  • Client Responsibility 

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Planned Preventive Maintenance Life Extension Agreement. 

NCE Switchgear provides the client with on-site support and one scheduled preventive maintenance service visit during the agreement year, noting that Optional additional cost for remedial labour and parts and/or spare parts inclusion are available for client purchase subject to obsolescence planning.


All services under the agreement are performed by NCE highly qualified service personnel, providing a comprehensive visual, environmental and electrical inspection of the system to ensure that components are performing to defined technical and environmental specifications. 

Priority Response. 

NCE will dispatch qualified personnel to provide repairs in the event of an issue, with a Next Business Day response, albeit NCE can offer “priority” response time enhancement option at additional cost where the plant is running 24/7.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

Provides secure enhanced support to address system issues in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Guaranteed On-Site Response

Flexible scheduling options allow the client to select the response time that best aligns with their needs

  • Highly Skilled Field Service Personnel

Assurance that the system issues are quickly diagnosed and resolved in accordance with the plant operational criteria and specifications.

  • Site Report

Provides a detailed written and photographic assessment, along with recommendations to proactively diagnose and mitigate potential risks to the system.

  • Proactive Maintenance

Enhances system performance and mitigates preventable costly downtime and addresses obsolescence.

  • Environmental Inspection

Determination of insulation failure, hot spots, and advises of preventative monitoring solutions to heighten and enhance the lifetime of the system.

  • System Documentation

Detailed documentation of the electrical system to enhance customer support.

Service Level 1 Overview

The Annual Planned Preventive Maintenance Life Extension Service provide by NCE provides qualified service personnel at the clients UK and/or agreed location on a pre-determined scheduled date.


The following typical common list may be included in the agreement work scope

  • LV Switchboard / MV Switchgear assemblies

  • LV ( ACB / MCCB ) Circuit Breakers

  • Analogue and Digital Breaker Protective Devices

  • Instrument Transformers Primary/Secondary Injection

  • Surge Arresters

  • Fuse Assemblies

  • Relay / PLC Logic Control Scheme Architecture

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Variable Speed Drives

  • Soft Starts

  • DOL / DOLR Starters

  • Power Metering

  • Current Transformers and other related assemblies.

Service Level 1 Overview
Typical Level 1 Basic Circuit Breaker only overview:
  • Perform Visual Inspection

Inspection of switching devices to ensure; fuse and breaker sizes correspond to drawings; barriers and shutters are installed; filters are in place and vents are clear; proper clearances are maintained; there are no signs of excessive deterioration or overheating and many other aspects to ensure the equipment operates within specification; all anchorage, alignment, and grounding are in place and operational.

  • Perform Environmental Inspection

Verification that the system’s environment is within specified operating conditions including but not limited to room temperature, humidity, and dust contamination and other airborne contaminants.

  • Perform Mechanical Elecrical Inspection

Verify tightness of accessible bolted electrical connections; inspect all mechanical indicating devices for proper operation; perform all mechanical operational tests on both the circuit breaker and its operating mechanism; confirm proper operation of interlocks and mechanisms.

  • Perform Functional Verification

Confirm charge, close, trip and block close functions of all devices, verify relay trip output contacts.

  • Standard Testing

Perform standard system tests such as insulation resistance testing, contact resistance, trip / charge / close minimum voltage operation, breaker protective relay / trip unit calibration by secondary injection and other appropriate testing as dictated by customer’s equipment configuration.

  • Deliver Documentation

Deliver a comprehensive report documenting on-site activities, comments and deficiencies noted while onsite and all test data recorded and in parallel recommend any additional service / mitigation and monitoring activities that may be required to restore the equipment to or maintain reliable operations.

Site Deliverable's

  • All services performed on-site by NCE will be executed during NCE normal    (non-overtime) business hours unless otherwise requested by the client.

  • Additional on-site labour will be charged using standard NCE declared rates at the time of quotation.

  • A pre-certification visit will be required before contract is finalised.

  • Contact customer prior to scheduled service date to review final scope of work, safety requirements and any final details. 

  • Meet the customer’s scheduled service date.

  • Perform all of the quoted service tasks in accordance to statement of work.

  • Submit service and testing reports to the customer.

  • Inform and provide recommendations to the client about any action items not included in the maintenance agreement statement of work (SOW)

Site Deliverable's
  • Check System Status

Survey, document and photograph the status of the LV and/or MV switchgear upon site arrival, subject to all site safety procedures, device padlocking being applied and controlled via client site representative.

  • Check System Maintenance Log

Survey, digest and record existing client maintenance logs and drawings.

  • Diagnose

Verification that all system settings meet the on-site recorded system application.

  • Repair & Test

Based on the diagnosis, NCE will supply a Quote along with any / all required parts and associated labour costs to the client. Upon customer acceptance of quote and subject to a valid purchase order, then NCE will promptly work to replace any defective parts, repair, and test the system as and where applicable

  • Final Report

NCE will compile a detailed report c/w photographic support describing the issues found, the corrective action taken, and results of any testing performed.

Client Responsibility

Assign an authorised point of contact to schedule power outage with production, de-energize and lockout equipment and serve as a key point of contact​.

  • Ensure safety induction is implemented by the client authorised and nominated person.

  • Ensure ALL security permits and clearance is in place pre-site visit.

  • Ensure the workspace is clear of obstruction with adequate temporary lighting for walk ways and emergency exits.

  • Ensure all prior arrangements have been made to commence work at the mutually agreed date and time.

Client Responsibility
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