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NCE offers sheet metal fabrication services like no other, with a comprehensive range of in-house sheet metal work services including: CNC Punching, CNC Metal folding, CNC Metal Turning, MIG Welding, TIG Welding and a full Powder Coating plant, all on one site in the UK.


Sheet Metal Design

Offering the latest technology in computer-aided design (CAD) software, NCE has a dedicated, in-house team that works closely with its customers to provide product excellence and accuracy from the beginning.

Our expert in house design team works closely with customers from the beginning of each project to ensure that all assemblies are consistently successful at the prototyping stage.
New developments are optimised by our dedicated team to ensure that they utilise the very best in machine and tooling technology. This allows us to offer maximum efficiency whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality for our customers.



At NCE we have the latest Punching + Forming Technology:

  • CNC Punching & Forming

  • Using the latest Trumpf brake press technology, our machines have multi-axis back gauges to reduce both setup and handling.

  • The CNC Punching machines not only punches but can form flanges, quickly, easily and economically in the setup

  • NCE Machine Shop

  • Trumph CNC Punching Machines

  • Trumpf CNC Multi Axis Brakepresses

  • Lathes

  • Cutting and Forming Capabilities

  • Milling Centre

Standard & Specialist Coatings

NCE offer a wide range of Industrial Coatings that are high in Performance, Corrosion and Fire Protective.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes from:​​

  • High Gloss to Matt or Textured Finishes

  • Anti-Bacterial Powder

  • Architectural Grade Polyester Powder

  • Epoxy Powder

  • Polyurethane Powder

  • Zinc Rich Powder Primer

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